Mikey is so good he does it backwards

Jeepin’ and Sleepin’

A few friends and I went camping yesterday at our favorite camping spot, anniversary mine in Vegas. We did some hiking, some rock throwing, some grilling, and some Jeepin’.     Showoff.

The destruction after the meal.

Mud Bug Hootinanny

We went to Hot N Juicy Crawfish in Las Vegas for our friend’s last night visiting. It was my first time, and it was just as good as everyone made it out to be. If you live in Vegas and haven’t been yet, I 1,000% recommend it. Holy crap it’s unbelievable!  

People were necking on the lifeguard stand.

Hark Attack!

Heather Harkins came to visit, and we road tripped it over to San Diego to visit Tovin and hang out and eat some fish tacos. Here are some of the photos.

This is a long exposure taken at the base of the turbine.

The Best of the Rest

I didn’t have internet in order to be able to post pictures for the last half of the road trip, but now that I am back I can finally post some of the better photos from the second half of the trip. I thoroughly enjoyed my 33 days on the road with one Vivek Kemp, … Continue reading

Early Morning Blade 1
Even though the wind was blowing 30 miles an hour, it was quite peaceful

The Air Up There

Yes, that’s a Kevin Bacon reference. We climbed to the top of a GE Wind Turbine on Friday morning, and I was pretty scared on the way up, and wore myself out grasping on to the ladder for dear life, but in the end it was worth it, because you got to see this view. … Continue reading


First Days of the Road Trip

A few of the photos I have taken on the 30-day journey so far after the first couple of days.

Demo Reel

Starting things off

Hello, my name is Ryan McAfee and I am a videographer. I like to write, shoot, edit, and be in videos. I live in Las Vegas, but I will go anywhere to shoot a story. I love being in the field, filming anything and everything that is visually appealing. Here is an example of the … Continue reading